William Baldwin Bibliography

Baldwin’s Works

  • A Treatise of Morall Phylosophie (London: Edward Whitchurch, 1547)
  • Canticles or Balades of Salomon (London: Edward Whitchurch, 1549)
  • Wonderful News of the Death of Paul III (London: Thomas Gaultier, 1552) – translated from Matthias Flacius Illyricus’s Latin original
  • Marvelous History Entitled Beware the Cat, Concerning Diverse Wonderful and Incredible Matters (London: William Griffith, 1570) – composed in 1552, but first published in 1570, and again in 1584. Digitised versions of these texts are available here.
  • A Mirror for Magistrates (London: Henry Marsh, 1559) – the first edition was surpressed by Mary I in 1554, and was only published after the accession of Elizabeth I.
  • The Funerals of King Edward the Sixth (London: Henry Marsh, 1560)

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